Born Day – 14th April 2020

The day is 13th April 1992, I am inside my Maa’s womb, however I am excited to come into the world.

The next day which is 14th April 1992 , the due date, i came out , clinging my eyes all around the wall, and getting kissed very often by the few people standing around the bed .

I am super snuggly and a happy little dude. I like to take huge poops and loud farts, especially in the Gupta’s Nursing home, so I can blame Maa and everyone looks at her like it was her. My hobbies are eating, sleeping, pooping and my favorite: waking Maa up every 2 hours to eat less than an ounce of formula feeding.

Few hours have passed , these people are still standing at the same place and looking at me , like i will get up and tell them that i will become an Engineer and they will clap for me . Then is an old man standing outside the room , and saying to someone that he is not handsome like me ? Speaking about a word called ! generation ! Seems little happy with me having fair complexion. He is little browny. And he named me Mukul. Everyone is calling me by this name . But Who’s he? Lemme ask to Maa. Maa, who’s that gentleman? Unfortunately we are facing lack of understanding of each other’s language, it seems i am from a different planet. Never mind, He seems to be someone, the head of family, oh yeah! He is my Babaji. And i said Hello to him in my sign language with blinking eyes , he is nodding his both hands up and down ,what’s he doing ? Will ask to maa the day our communication networks will have good bandwidth. 

And 37 days (Sava Mahina) is passed! I have given another name today – Abhishek. And this time name is given by a gentleman who’s always kept seen beside by my Maa everytime . Will ask to maa after sometime that who’s he ? Maa is getting replaced with mmmmmm, I am trying to learn to speak a little along trying to walk on a walker cycle. Every evening, I go to my park and challenge the kiddo of my age in my sign language to get raced . And i win everytime. I think, this is mmmmm, who’s filling enthusiasm of winning inside me . 

Another 12 months gone, now it’s my 2nd year in this world… And guess what, there is something, which my Babaji wants to live vicariously with this toddler, and that is me getting shoot for tv adds. He believes, that i am totally perfect for the toddlers commercials on television.. am I mmm? And why they wants me to get into TV,  mmmm, do i look like Pokemon & Johnny Bravo? 

And my sweet mmmm, she just looks at me and try to understand what m i asking or seeking, and everytime she ends up with letting my hands hold a bottle of warm milk to drink, assuming m hungry. 

Few months later i lost my babaji , and it’s a truely unhappy moment for me , as he was the first who dreamt something for me and this dream too, went along with his soul.