First Time Dance

First Time Dance in Life

“Life is unpredictable, and you never know what is coming next. So, do not get too comfortable. Always be ready for change.” 


The day when I danced for the first time in front of 18 thousand people and got motivated to change myself to an extrovert from an introvert, which I used to be earlier and eventually got rid of inferiority complex. And my life changed dramatically.

So, let us wait and spectate if the event is going to be a life changing one for me. 

To be frank, I am too excited this morning because we are on an international trip. It was at first to Singapore yet changed to Malaysia later. I would not fret, as it will be my first international trip. Our flight is at 9 AM, so we arrived at the air terminal at 6:30 in the first part of the day. It is a 3-day event, starting from 3rd May 2016 and ending on 5th May 2016. And I got to know that the last day of the event is going to be the most special day as there will be a pompous party, where a minimum of 18 thousand cheerful people will be participating, and a dance event is also going to be organized. 

It was my first flight experience also. So, I am a bit nervous and at the same time excited. In any case, at last it took an about-turn and the speed expanded dramatically. Inside a couple of moments, I am high, up in the sky. The view is breath-taking. Our plan is going to land at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 1:00 PM. 

Before coming to this trip, I used to think I would be able to live a happy life only if I got a job, but I was wrong because now I think business is far better than a job. I have met a lot of businessmen on this trip who are enjoying their lives like anything without worrying much about their work as they decide for themselves what to do and how much to earn and on what occasion. They never get forced by anybody. 

Children’s dreams keep on changing. If you ask a child what he/she wants to become in the future then his/her answer will always be limited to the doctor, engineer, and pilot etc. But if you ask an adult the same question, he/she will think for a second and then reply to your query giving you a long explanation about what he wants to become, what his plans are because adult people always dream of becoming something based on their current situation. But it is important to keep your childish dreams alive.

It is the final day of the 3-day event, the past two days have been the happiest days of my life. We are all going to the hall where the party is happening. But what is it?! At least 18 thousand people are present here, doing different kinds of things. I am feeling like leaving the room right away, but my friends are not allowing me to. They are forcing me to dance with them but to be honest, I do not like dancing, from my childhood dance has been a very unlikely thing for me. But today is different, suddenly one of my friends announced my name and asked me to come to the stage to dance with them. But I must go because I do not want to make them feel embarrassed in front of so many people. I am on the stage now; they are changing the music. Luckily, it was my favourite song, and my feet are automatically moving, I am dancing like there is no tomorrow. 18 thousand people are cheering for me and they are all truly gleeful maybe be because they have not seen any introvert like me dancing like a mad. Now I can consider myself as an extrovert and an expressive person!