Holi Festival

Holi is also known as festival of colours or the festival of love,which is celebrated in spring season.It is the festival of Hindus but it become popular with Non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia as well as outside Asia. Holi Festival is celebrated on the phalguna Purnima that is full moon.The festival date varies every year according to the Hindu calendar.It comes in March but sometimes in February. Holi signifies the victory of good over evil,the end of winter,the arrival of spring,forget and forgive,play and laugh and repair the raptured relationships.

The word “Holi” takes from “holika” the evil sister of king , he was Hiranyakashipu .He had a boon that made him proud to himself.He thought that he was God and demanded everyone to worship him only .His son, Prahlada  worshiped Vishnu.King made him afraid .Holika,Prahlada’s evil aunt sitting him in her lap to burn him but Holika burned and Prahlada survived.The bonfire is a reminder of the victory of good over evil.

Holi Festival celebration starts with a Holika bonfire that is known as “Holika dahan”,on the night before Holi where people gather,sing and dance.Next day Dhulendi is celebrated and people play,chase and colour each other with dry powder colour and coloured water,with coloured water filled balloons for their water fight.Everyone enjoyed this festival even friend or stranger,rich or poor,children or elders,man and woman.The fight with colours takes place in open streets,parks or outside the buildings.Groups of people have the drum and musical instruments,go from one place to another,sing and dance.People go to their family and friends,play with colours,chit-chat then share Holi delicacies,food and drinks.The main drink of Holi is Bhang.It is also mixed in sweets.In the evening people dress up and visit their family and friends.

In Braj region of India,the festival is celebrated for 16 days in the divine love of Radha for Krishna. In Braj area of North India women have the option to playfully hit men who save themselves with shields.This ritual is known as Lath Mar Holi.Outside India,Holi is observed by the minority Hindus in Bangladesh,Pakistan as well as in countries with large Indian subcontinent such as South Africa,Malaysia,the United Kingdom,the United States and others.

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